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about us

Rica SA operates inside the Haircare and Bodycare industry, producing and providing products that are widely used for aesthetic professional treatments, suitable for both men and women. Rica SA is part of an international company based out of Italy and is available in over 60 countries.


Rica is passion; passion for our products, our work, our markets, our natural ingredients. We strive to embody that passion in all that we do.


Our overlying goal is to satisfy the needs of each and every market we are represented in with an all star customer service team and high-quality products. Rica is an environment friendly corporation. It is our mission to create natural treatments that enhance the beauty of body and mind.


Thanks to the quality of both productive and

management processes, Rica has therefore

given by Sicert DNV the Certification of

Quality ISO 9001- Vision 2000 and it is

about to receive the Certification ISO 14000.